Lava Dive Room

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Lava Spark

It is possible to perform a shinespark from the bottom of the lava pool and reach the entrance of Lower Norfair.

First, perform a short charge while entering this room from the previous room, then crouch at the edge of the lava pool (to charge the shinespark) and fall in. Damage boost off of the first Namihe's fireball and shinespark directly up when you are above the bottom of the pool.

This is the most optimal strategy for this room if Space Jump has not been collected. An alternative strategy if Space Jump is missing is to do a Gravity Jump.

Due to lava's physics, a player can perform a diagonal shinespark instead of a vertical shinespark and still have the shinespark travel directly upwards. Besides having a different animation, a diagonal shinespark will carry Samus approximately five pixels right as it travels upwards. This is helpful in instances where the spark was activated later than preferred, as it will shift Samus back to the right and help ensure that the shinespark does not end below the flooring of the entrance to Lower Norfair.

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