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The "Orb" in Mario's reserve box

The Orb (also called the Goal Sphere, in Japanese ブルバグ (burubagu "bull bug")) is an object that acts as an alternative to the goal posts to end a level. It's normally only found at the end of Sunken Ghost Ship. There is a glitch in the game that allows you to put the Orb in your reserve item box, using Fire Mario, a Yoshi, and a Clapping Chuck. You can then take the Orb with you and release it, allowing you to get the regular exit of that level.

When to Use

Orb is not allowed in all categories. Double check if you are doing a run or a race that it is allowed before you use it. The only categories where you beat Bowser where it's currently allowed are Any% and Any%, No Cape. Categories like All Switches or short goals to beat a particular boss also allow Orb. You may not use Orb in 96; 96, Dragon Coins and Moons; Any%, No Starworld, or other categories that go to Bowser. It is possible to use the orb in a bonus by hitting all but one box, then jumping off of Yoshi to collect it. The orb will simply restart the bonus stage without any boxes, leaving you the only option to restart the game.

Bonus game after orb

Obtaining Orb Tutorial

This is a tutorial video on the "Virus Orb". Obtaining orb in this manner is safer than in the traditional way (the way shown in the gif below) and if done correctly is less likely to crash the game.

Video Comments:Tutorial Video by Slicemage.


Game frozen by incorrectly doing the glitch

In order to do this in real time you will need to be Fire Mario and be riding Yoshi. A Clappin' Chuck will need to be just offscreen. An enemy must be nearby that turns into a coin when you shoot it with a fireball. When lined up properly in the area, you spin jump off of Yoshi, and at the same time have Yoshi eat with his tongue. If done correctly, the fireball will hit the enemy turning it into a coin and Yoshi will grab the coin attempting to eat it. However, because Mario is jumping off, he will collect the coin and the game will grab the Chuck offscreen instead, resulting in the Orb being place in your reserve box. Be warned: if Mario collides with the Chuck after the coin has been collected, your game may crash, your save may be deleted, or worse.


Technical Aspects

The glitch abuses the fact that Chucks erroneously have the "Give Power-Up when eaten by Yoshi" bit set. Thus, when you eat a Chuck, you get something strange in your reserve box or a crash. When you eat a Clappin' Chuck as Fire Mario, it produces a goal sphere in reserve.[1]

There's twelve (00 - 11) sprite slots - one sprite per slot - that can be filled before sprites start replacing other sprites. There's two "divisions:" 00-09 is for standard sprites, while 10 and 11 are for sprites that come out of boxes and your reserve box (sans Yoshi). A sprite goes into the highest slot possible in its division when it spawns (e.g. the first sprite that spawns that's not out of a box will take slot 09, then the next one will take 08, etc.). If you drop a flower from a reserve box when slots 10 and 11 are occupied, it will go to slot 09.

Knowing this, you are able to "replace" sprites with other sprites. For example, the way the goal is swapped in YI2 is by filling every slot with berry sprites except for one, which is occupied by the shell. The goal tape won't replace permanent sprites (berry sprites are permanent), so it goes to the highest slot that it can take: the shell's. Normally, it'd just remove the shell from the game and put the tape in the shell's sprite slot. However, if the shell is on Yoshi's tongue, then the tape will essentially "warp" to Yoshi's tongue, since the sprite that was in that particular sprite slot was stuck to his tongue.

The same thing basically applies to the Charlie swap, only it takes less time. You only have to fill up the second division to be able to swap the Charlie. You make the fireflower stick to Yoshi's tongue, then take it. This creates a "null" sprite on Yoshi's tongue, which will become whatever sprite spawns next (if Yoshi's tongue is still out when it spawns).

If the sprite that spawns happens to be a Charlie, he will stick to Yoshi's tongue and be eaten by Yoshi.[2]

Orb Locations


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